Events - 2021

  • IEEE PELS Distinguished Lecture on Model predictive control in power electronics: a critical review and recent industrial products

    A webinar on distinguished lecture upon “Model predictive control in power electronics: a critical review and recent industrial products” was organised by IEEE student branch chapter.
    Speaker: Professor Tobias Geyer, (ABB Corporate Research, Switzerland, and Stellenbosch University, South Africa)



  • A Talk on Accelerating Social Innovations through Humanitarian Engineering

    An event on accelerating social innovation through humanitarian engineering was organised by IEEE IIT Mandi which focused on IEEE HAC/SIGHT and its role in IEEE framework. An overview of IEEE SIGHT was presented through membership statistics and proposal funding statistics.
    Speaker: Mr. Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan, IEEE HAC 2021 chair, Past chair IEEE SIGHT.



  • IEEE Professional Lecture: “Career Mould”

    A webinar on “Career Mould” was conducted by IEEE PELS Student Branch Chapter IIT Mandi in collaboration with IEEE IAS SBC IIT Mandi which was delivered by Prof. Ravindra Arora a Senior life member of IEEE.
    Speaker: Prof. Ravindra Arora (Senior Life Member,IEEE)



  • IEEE Professional Lecture on “A Journey from Academia to industry

    A webinar on “A Journey from Academia to industry” delivered by Dr Jyotirmoy Ghosh a highly renowned professor and highly experienced in different research projects on analog VLSI, Power Management IC and Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS). Webinar was organised by IEEE PELS Student Branch Chapter IIT Mandi in collaboration with IEEE IAS SBC IIT Mandi.
    Speaker: Dr. Jyotirmoy Ghosh (Lead Design Engineer, NXP)



  • IEEE Professional Lecture on Career Opportunity in Academia and Research

    IEEE PELS Student Branch IIT Mandi in collaboration with IEEE IAS SBC IIT Mandi, organised a webinar on “Career Opportunity in Academia and research”.
    This webinar was delivered by, Prof. Sri Niwas Singh a fellow IEEE which was about one-hour long duration.
    Speaker: Prof. Sri Niwas Singh (Fellow, IEEE)



  • IEEE PELS SYPS – My PELS chapter Contest

    IEEE PELS SBC IIT Mandi has participated in My PELS chapter competition. The chair Mr Siddhant kumar has presented the Chapter in the symposium and discussed about the activity of IEEE PELS SBC IIT mandi and its glorious achievement of fourth position in the final round contest
    Speaker: Mr Siddhant kumar



  • IEEE Lecture on Disruption in Transport Sector

    IEEE student branch chapter conducted a webinar on “Disruption in Transport Sector”delivered by a highly experienced Prof. K.N.Srivastava professional in power systems. The webinar focused upon:
    1. Research
    2. Technology Disruption
    3. Strategic Planning
    4. Higher Education Consulting
    5. Innovative Education Systems Design
    6. Strategic Cost Management
    7. Mentoring, Coaching
    8. Power Systems, Modelling, Simulation, delivering presentations that sticks
    Speaker: Prof. K. N. Srivastava



  • IEEE RAS DL on Seamless Human-Robot Collaboration: Intention, Trust, and Adaptation

    IEEE DL was held on 16th April 2021 where Professor David Hsu, provost chair at NSU discussed about the following:
    1. Mathematical models for human intentions and trust
    2. Planning and learning algorithms that leverage the model to enable effective robot adaptation to humans.
    This discussion spurred greater interest towards principled approaches that integrate perception, planning, and learning for seamless human-robot collaboration.
    Speaker:Professor David Hsu



  • Executive Committee Meeting Of IEEE Sight IIT Mandi

    The IEEE SIGHT group of IIT Mandi organised an executive committee meeting to discuss the current and further plans of the group. The agenda of the meet being:
    1. Get familiarised with the newly appointed committee members.
    2. To address all the simple ideas of members that could help the community around the campus and the needy in general.
    3. To discuss plan of action and design a timeline of events and plans for the upcoming year.
    4. Plan for initiatives that could help benefit the institute environment.



  • Collaboration with PC Club in Frosthack Hackathon

    IEEE Student Branch IIT Mandi in collaboration with Programming Club IIT Mandi organised a three days long Hackathon- “Frosthack”. This event was organised to solve social problems by collaborating among students using technology. Frosthack was a team event consisting of up to 3 members in each team which was conducted on Devfolio. The participation was from top universities and schools across India. The participants ranged from 15 to 25 years old. Over 1500 applications have been submitted for consideration. Over 1000 people registered for the event. Over 300 proposals were submitted. FrostHack's Discord Server has over 1200 users, and the cash prize was worth 1.5 lakhs.



  • IEEE Day Event - IDEATHON

    This event was organised in conjunction with IEEE Day 2021. The event's aim was to inspire students to apply their abilities and come up with creative and realistic solutions to meet the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It was held on October 2nd and 3rd.



  • IEEE Day Event - IEEE CAREER CAMP 1.0

    This was a two-day event held as part of the IEEE Day celebrations in 2021. The event's premise was to introduce participants to new job prospects inside IEEE. This event was conducted on the 9th and 10th of October and featured four eminent speakers.